John Wipfler

E. John Wipfler, III, MD

  • Academic Emergency Physician
  • Fellow, American College of Emergency Medicine
  • Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery
  • University of Illinois College of Medicine
  • Medical Director, STATT TacMed
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Keeping Your Family Safe

This book has important information for the mother, father, grandparent, teenager and young adult who wishes to learn the essential information about firearms and self-protection, safety, home and family protection, security issues for families, first aid for self-defense injuries, and many other topics of home defense. It is written by two board-certified physicians who are also expertly trained and experienced in the defensive use of firearms. It includes a 9-part series of steps to learning about firearms and obtaining the training and experience necessary to be competent and safe with the defensive use of firearms. Childproofing your guns and gun-proofing your children are also important considerations that are explained. Overall, this safety book is highly recommended for all families, single mothers, and anyone else learning more about self defense, safety, and home security.

Tactical Medicine Essentials

The world of tactical medicine is rapidly expanding. This textbook is the first of its type in the world, and offers a comprehensive listing and detailed explanation of the core concepts of tactical medicine, “TacMed”. Basic and advanced life support techniques and combat casualty care for a downed officer and others nearby are discussed in detail, with over 300 high-density color photographs demonstrating tactics, techniques, and gear. The reader will learn of a new novel method for approaching and providing medical care for a trauma victim or other casualty, named “Call-A-CAB-N-Go”, which is applicable to every situation faced where a victim is down and dying.

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Emergency Medicine Study Guide

This textbook is designed as a study guide for the field of Emergency Medicine. This is a perfect book for any medical student doing a rotation or entering the field of emergency medicine. It is also a good book that teaches the important essential facts and concept of the common medical emergencies, whether it's cardiac, pulmonary, nervous system, endocrine, trauma, pediatric, OB/GYN, geriatric, and other topics.

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Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Exam Review

This is a book that was written as a short “one question, one answer” review of the more common questions that are found in medical and surgical nursing. This was co-authored with several doctors and nurses, and is intended as a rapid study method to prepare for the board exam. What is the most common reason for pediatric abdomen surgery? What is the most common fracture in a child? What is the most common cause of pneumonia in a middle-aged women?