John Wipfler

E. John Wipfler, III, MD

  • Academic Emergency Physician
  • Fellow, American College of Emergency Medicine
  • Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery
  • University of Illinois College of Medicine
  • Medical Director, STATT TacMed
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My Biography

E. John Wipfler, III, MD, FACEP is a board-certified academic emergency physician who teaches medicine and cares for patients. As a Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery at the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine, he has authored numerous research articles, books, and publications on emergency medicine, ballistics, wilderness and urban search and rescue, and tactical medicine. He is an instructor at the International School of Tactical Medicine, the only facility of its type certified by the United States Department of Homeland Security.

He has supported law enforcement tactical operations for over 18 years, and co-founded the first Tactical EMS unit in the state of Illinois. He originated and continues to direct one of the first tactical medicine rotations for resident emergency physicians in the United States, and as a sworn Sheriff’s Physician has been involved in over 130 SWAT callouts. He leads the STATT TEMS unit supporting three tactical special operations (SWAT) teams in central Illinois, and has supported callouts or training with the U.S. Secret Service (Presidential motorcade escorts), U.S. Marshals Service, and DEA in central Illinois.

Dr. Wipfler serves as Co-Chair of the Tactical Medicine Committee with the Illinois Tactical Officers Association. He has worked as a flight physician and medical director for Life Flight, and served in the United States Army Medical Corp for 14 years. As a firearms instructor, he has qualified as an expert in pistol, small-bore, and high-power rifle marksmanship, and he routinely teaches firearms safety. He has completed the Chapman Academy (Basic and Advanced Pistol, Patrol Rifle), Combat Casualty Care Course, CONTOMS, Heckler and Koch TEMS course, USAMRIID Chemical and Biological Warfare School, REAC/TS, InSights Training CQB courses, and Strike Tactical Solutions courses. His hobbies include mountain climbing and he has reached the top of Mount Rainier, the Matterhorn, and others.