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John Wipfler
John Wipfler

E. John Wipfler, III, MD

  • Academic Emergency Physician
  • Fellow, American College of Emergency Medicine
  • Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery
  • University of Illinois College of Medicine
  • Medical Director, STATT TacMed
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Mission Statement

As a doctor, law enforcement officer, soldier, flight physician, professor, father, and husband, Dr. Wipfler has developed a unique skill set and knowledge base over his 23 year career. As a board-certified emergency physician, he continues to teach at the only Level One Trauma Center in central Illinois, and daily engages medical students and resident physicians in the finer art of caring for patients in a busy emergency department. As a Sheriff’s Physician / auxiliary deputy sheriff, he has been involved in over 130 SWAT missions. He continues to support three special operations tactical teams (SWAT) as well as the US Marshals Service, DEA, and the US Secret Service when needed. As a Major (retired) he has over 14 years experience in the United States Army Medical Corps and has deployed to Panama and other regions supporting the United States Armed Forces.

Dr. Wipfler has combined his years of experience and knowledge into several books and new courses. As a writer, he has written books that positively impact the world in several ways. This website lists the books he has written. Tactical medicine, emergency medicine, Med/Surg medical care, and ways to keep your family safe were written with a goal of helping others learn. His book Tactical Medicine Essentials, that he co-authored with the world’s leading experts, is the first of its type. In it, he and his associates explain how to provide emergency medical care for law enforcement officers, citizens, and soldiers in a combat, SWAT, or self-defense situation. He has witnessed first hand the benefits of families who come to the ER who have made wise decisions, and the tragedy that strikes those unfortunate people in life who make bad decisions, and also those who are simply dealt a bad luck card. Many of life’s misfortunes are preventable, however, and his books on keeping your family safe will hopefully enable you and your family to learn from others to live a more productive, healthy and safe life.

If you have an interest in tactical medicine, first aid, combat casualty care, emergency medicine, SWAT, and other topics, then simply click onto the "Projects" section for further information and links to resources that may be of further help. He has several books in the works and so check back again for updates and additions.